It’s Critical To Raise A Family On Gospel Principles!!

This week was so great and so much happened!! So first, coolest thing ever, but the new greenie sister that moved in to our apt is the one who I went to highschool with!!! Her name is Sister Richardson and I am sooo pumped we get to live together! We always bring back the old glory days of wx haha its so fun and she’s the best!

Alright so I just wanna give a real quick s/o to kelli and how she survived through her mission. it rained sooo hard the other day and like I don’t know how she did that every single day! haha like 20 people tried to offer us rides and put our bikes in their truck but we couldn’t. I’m VERY glad I was sent somewhere hot and not cold and rainy!

Another funny story was this week during studies jdubs came knocking at our apt and they like blanked when they saw our name tags haha. I asked how I could know if their church is true and his answer was “For me I don’t think that’s important to have proof.” I was just like hahah okayyyy.

Alright so it finally happened. I ate menudo for the first time last night…. hahahha and after TWO previous meal appts within the same 2 hours! seriously so bad. but the investigator who cooked it for us had spent all day making it so we just had to endure to the end. haha if you don’t know what menudo is just go ask lance. I’ll send a pic too but lets just say it was a long night last night lol.

Pday was soo fun! the Sierra family who I’ve talked about who are all cheerleaders finally came to church sunday and then we planned out that we were all gonna go shopping and get them dresses they could wear for the next sunday! we had a good time, there literally exactly like all our cousins mixed. But they’re progressing super good and we are hoping the fam will be baptized the 23rd so pray for that!

I’m loving Texas and “the valley” of La Joya. Seriously the people here are the best. What my testimony really has been strengthened on more than anything else is how critical it is to raise a family on gospel principals these days in the world. It’s so sad to realize how many broken and separated families there are here. I know that the gospel and keeping the commandments really can solve so many of these problems and The Family: a proclamation to the world really is the best guide to live by in this world. It makes me sooo grateful for my family. I don’t know how I got so blessed but I think about it every day how different my life would be right now without the gospel. I know no matter who you are or what your circumstances are, the Gospel of Jesus Christ WILL bring mas felicidad. every time. Have such a great week everybody!

Hermana Horgesheimer

1. this girl is part of menos activo fam and we just found out she hasn’t been baptized yet so you already know their getting activated and shes gettin dunked this month!!
2.Thrustin the sickle with all your might lolol” jk we’re just weeding this members yard
3. She litereally looks exactly like the girl on despicable me huh?! Bridget I thought you’d like this pic 🙂

4. Menudo boiii. This is our inv eliseo who made it for us and their daughter is getting baptized this month too!

5. me and sister Richardson reppin wx out here in la joya

6. promise I didn’t pee, just sweat don’t know which is grosser hahahha


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