Be “Ambitious In Christ”

This week was awesome!!! So as far as transfers I’m staying here with sister valdez and I’m way happy cuz there is sooo much work to keep doing here in La Joya. And I’ll be biking for another 6 weeks wooo!!!

Well I’ll start with the scary “prison break” experience we had this week. So on Monday night after we had gotten home we were all there just planning for the next day and we get a call from an unknown number and we answer and this girl was screaming and crying and yelling “Sisters Sisters please help me I can’t see help me” (This was all in Spanish) and then this man with a deep voice gets on and is talking in the fastest Spanish ever yelling that if we don’t meet him somewhere and give him money he’s gonna chop off this womens fingers and kill her. We were all freaking out and hung up and called the police and like we were all crying and hiding in the bathroom hahah.

We said a prayer and the second after we said amen I felt the biggest wave of peace and comfort and like it was so cool cuz the spirit told me right then and there that it was fake, and that we were safe and the girl on the phone would be safe. The police showed up 5 mins later and literally told us the exact same thing that I had just thought. So even though it was scary it was still a pretty cool spiritual experience to realize again and again on the mish how real the Holy Ghost is ๐Ÿ™‚

Conference was THE BEST. We started out watching it in Spanish but then a member seriously answered my prayers when he showed up with another laptop to go watch it in English in the other room ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of investegators came with us and that was so fun because they all loved it! Things are going good with our invs and I’m almost for sure we’ll have baptisms this transfer! I can’t wait to see it all happen ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved how centered this conference was in finding joy. I know that finding true joy really does come from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There really is no other way. I loved the talk where they talked about how to be “ambitious in Christ” and to not just know about him, but know him personally. It’s by living like he would that that is possible and that is why I love my mission so much. Because I get to show Jesus Christ how much I love him every day by trying to do exactly what he would do if he were on the earth. I think day after day how truly lucky I am to have had the gospel for my whole life. There’s really nothing better than feeling the joy that comes from living it!!!

Love you all!
Hermana Horgesheimer

1.The Toscano Fam are in our ward, craziest fam ever but I love them!!!
2. Jesucristo
3.Probably stands for Jesus Christ but it’s fine lol

4. Halloween’s comin

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