The Power Of God Helps People– No Matter What Kind Of Situation

Alright so best story this week is the Sierra Family. They are literally the Seljaas fam!! They have 4 girls and they’re cheerleaders. So cute. Anyways we went over to teach them and they have the best questions and their whole fam is interested and I’m really excited cuz they’re progressing! But the best part about it was after the lesson we went out to the back cuz they wanted to tumble and stunt with me. hahaha SO FUN. So during the lesson we were talking about trials, and one of the girls was saying her trial was losing her handspring, anyways when we went out I spotted her and then after like 3 times she did it by herself and she totally got it back perfect!! She started crying and hugging me and said she’s been working on getting it back for months so I guess you could say the power of God helps people no matter what kind of situation 😉 The only bad thing is they couldn’t come to church this week cuz of a competition….. I kept thinking the whole time that’s God getting back at me for all the sundays I competed on lolol.

So we had zone conference this week with our president and it was way good!! Not gonna lie though… 4 straight hours of Spanish I promise I’ve never had a headache that bad. But even with the headaches I still felt the spirit SO strong so the church must be true! everyone just say a prayer we’ll be able to watch conference in English haha.

The mission is going so great and even though we haven’t gotten a baptism yet I know it’s coming! We finally had investegadors at church and they’re loving it and getting involved! I really hope I get to stay here in la joya so I can see progression in people. Also I guess I’m in 1/3 bike areas for sisters in the whole mish so I’m praying I’ll get to stay in the bike area as long as possible.

Thanks for all the support love you guys!
Hermana Horgesheimer

I forgot to add the part about my eye apt

I seriously know God is blessing me so much with my eyes here. I had thee best appt in my whole life. I read the chart at 20/25!!!! Have I ever been able to do that in my life? NOPE. Seriously a miracle!! also the pressures were perfect left 6 and right 11. The doctor was good, definitely not DR. Crandall tho. haha but I’m so grateful I can just focus on my mish and not my eyes and I know God is doing that for a reason!  and I can still do a standing tuck… IN A DRESS wooo.

We were so close to buying these helmets you have no idea!!!

Henry Leo is our fav. he’s a less active (well not anymore) and he always takes us everywhere and buys us food!

Stunting… still got it 🙂

This is Karina who’s gonna get dunked soon!! and her parents soon after 🙂

Sal is our way sick investigator who came to church and a baptism with us yesterday!!

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