Being The Missionary I Am, I Decided To Pray!!!

After 3 flat tires and 80 meal appointments and 100s of milagros I made it through another week!! haha. No this week was honestly so good. So the first way cool thing that happened was on last Monday. Some unknown number called us and it turns out it was this former investigator that we’d met on week one. As all rms know this NEVER happens that someone comes to you before you go to them, but anyways we went and visited him and I’m not kidding he and his family are sooo prepared. Well, spiritually prepared lol. After we get through all the drinking, smoking, divorce, and marriage problems they are so ready! haha so they were going to be baptized 2 years ago but could never work out the marriage problem. The dad had quit all his habits but getting denied in the 1st interview has took him a while to get over but now he’s so ready. Quote: “One day I’m going to be one of the strongest members of this church. I’m gonna help other people relate to me and help them know baptism is always possible.” So yes he’s so awesome. With all the divorce and marriage things it might take a little while to sort out, but we’re gonna try and have their 9 year old girl get baptized this next sunday so that’d be soo great for her to be an example for her parents!

The second wayyy cool thing that happened was on Wednesday. I realized I had lost my house key. It was pretty weird cuz all my other keys were there so we were all kinda scared that someone had stolen it or something. but anyways just that morning I was reading this article in the ensign about a guy who lost his car keys and prayed and found them and so being the missionary I am I decided to pray haha. Not kidding the second I ended the prayer I had a spot that just popped in my mind. Even though the day before we had literally been EVERYWHERE, like a million different houses, a million different places on our bikes it was way cool to realize how clear I could see exactly where the key was. The next morning for exercise me and my comp ran there and of course, right there exactly where I imagined was the key πŸ™‚ we both started crying haha it was so cool to realize how clear the spirit talks to us if we are just worthy and willing to listen and have faith in him πŸ™‚

So valdeezy’s bike literally is the best thing ever. But lets just say we had a Lake Powell 2016 boat trailor experience this week. haha. When we were one exchanges this week one of the tires popped and not just popped but EXPLODED. haha idk what was in there but all this yellow goo got all over. so we got a member to go with us to buy a new tire and then not kidding the next day, same thing with the front tire! thennnn as Hermana valdez was borrowing the other sister’s bike til we could get another tire hers popped too. haha no idea what heavenly father wanted us to learn there but lets just say I’m pro at fixing bike tires:)

yesterday we walk up to these three guys just chillin, bbqing and drinking and they were seriously soo drunk haha funniest thing ever. We were like Hola somos las misioneras and they were like “YOU’RE PRISONERS? Lol funny people here let me tell ya.

Still loving the mish and this week was stake conference and it’s so cool to see all the members gathered together with 1 goal to get a temple in McAllen soon! I know it can happen if everyone just continues to have faith! if there’s anything I’ve learned here it’s that God really does work according to our faith. Love you all have a good week πŸ™‚


1. we got to do exchanges together and we literally pull up in the same dress exactly haha
2. like I said… 3 tires later
3. s/o to Amy for the best package ever besides the socks!


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