God Answers Prayers Through Other People

Wassup! La Joya Texas has never been better! Still don’t feel like im in Texas at all, I’m definitely in Mexico haha. It’s funny cuz most our area the phone doesn’t work cuz it thinks we’re in Mexico! Also there are cops EVERYWHERE. So all the crazy illegal immigrant stories you hear, don’t worry we’re good lol 🙂

K first of all dad the new bike for my comp is seriously the biggest blessing in the whole wide world. Before she crashed it was already pretty busted but this whole week I’ve been riding her broken one cuz my bike was a little easier on her leg and I don’t know how she’s been doing it her whole mission!! The new bike finally got here on Friday and she was like crying she was so excited. We’ve had such a better week getting around not having to worry about broken bike issues every day so thanks soooo much for real 🙂 Also an elder who just got his stolen took her old one so that was a blessing as well!!

This week was great! Friday we saw an awesome string of miracles and it just made me realize how much God really is looking out for his missionaries. We had planned to visit a guy but he cancelled so our back up plan was to bike really far to this other area. We were a trio this day and my other 2 comps really didn’t wanna bike that far but I just felt super strongly that we needed to go. so we went and we found this really cool guy who’s super interested… but the real milagro happened on the way back.

So I’ve told you how we have no members in our area so it’s super hard to get lessons with members present (and get fed lol). But our mission has just been pushing that A TON. And they promised that if we really prayed and focused on getting them to our lessons then we’ll be blessed. Anyways, the member for the day cancelled.. AGAIN. but as we were biking back a truck pulled up by us, we found out it was a lady in our ward and she told us to pack our bikes in her truck and she could give us a ride! After she came out with us for seriously the whole night and it really was the most immediate answer to a prayer we’ve ever had. So cool 🙂 And we didn’t have to ride our bikes in the 4:00 heat for 30 mins back haha. But we later found out she had been praying for an experience to strengthen her testimony cuz she’s been having a lot of doubts recently and after she just told us that we were also an answer to her prayers. God answers prayers through other people has never been a truer statement!!

On Sunday we biked again for 30 mins to go wake up an investigator and he didn’t come… and then we got to church expecting more investegators to come but no one did :/ super sad but it’s okay because I know God is still blessing this area cuz we were able to bring 11 less actives back! God is going to strengthen Zion one way or another, and right now it’s through a ton of less active work so I’m super grateful for that 🙂

I know this church is true and I know JS was a prophet. This week we’ve really been focusing on teaching that to people and it’s amazing how interested they are when they feel the spirit about Joseph Smith. Have a good week!!

1-La Joya Woo!! 2- Texmex  3-Cutest girl in Texas for real!!! 4- She looks good on that new bike am I right!!  4-Before & After picture of Jayci’s companions leg after her bike crash yikes!!


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