We See Miracles Seriously Every Day!!

Howdy yall!!! haha this week was seriously amazing!! I love our area and we see miracles seriously every day its so cool. So even though we are in a Spanish area we speak English mostly but there are some times where I’ll go up to people and start speaking Spanish and they’re like “no entiendo ingles” hahahha…. I’m just like k. its fine lol. also I guess I’ve been saying thanks for the opportunity to “touch” the sacrament instead of “take” haha. I’ll learn. But the ward members are saying it’s improving 🙂

Sooo… got my first kiss on the mish this week. hahha so funny his name’s Oscar and we’ve been teaching him and he’s way cool. He really wants to change his life and he’s doing really good! he hasn’t smoked or drank in 2 weeks so that he can get baptized. and his sister came to one of the lessons last week too which was such a miracle cuz it was the first time someone said to me on my mission that “we were the answers to her prayers” I’m really excited and they are both progressing so they can get baptized together 🙂
Our ward is super awesome. when we came in like 60 people would go every week, but because of all the less active work we’ve been doing 87 came this week!!! super cool. me and my comp didn’t get any of our investegators there this week which was super sad, but we brought 10 less actives and that was seriously so amazing. missionary work is definitely not just about baptizing but it is so much of just strengthening the wards. I read a scripture this week d and c 61:3 and it made me realize that a huge reason im on a mission is to get out of my comfort zone of Utah wards and to strengthen people and wards in texas.

so my comp had a pretty nasty wipe out on the bike yesterday… she was going way fast down hill and missed a pedal and flipped over the handle bars and got all tangled in the bike. she’s okay but it was definitely such a blessing she was wearing a helmet cuz she hit pretty hard. Anyways for the next couple days im going on splits with someone so that valdeezy can rest a few days and it’s gonna be a ton of pressure being a greeny and being in charge of the work in our area so I’m a little nervous but super excited for the experience!

K the dogs here are unreal hahah… mom you know that selfie stick you bought me? ya its turned into a dog whacker stick haha. seriously I get so scared of the dogs here, I miss izzy!!

The work here seriously is so cool. since missiomaries haven’t been here for so long so many people are curious and open to it. especially families. we are teaching like 4 super solid young families that I really hope can progress to baptism because they already are like the best families and I just want them to see sooo bad how much the gospel can strengthen and make their families even better!

I love this church and this work. I’m super blessed to be working in La Joya Texas right now and I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else 🙂 love you all!

Hermana Horgesheimer

hahhaha yep that’s only after one hour of biking with our backpacks

first coke that ive ever drank. did I like it? no. is it the only drink they have here? yes.

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