A Mission Is The Craziest Idea I’ve Ever Had!!! BUT Also The Best!!!

HEYYYY. oh my goodness I just wanna say a mission is the craziest idea I’ve ever had in my whole life. But also the best. I’ve learned more this week than I have all last year no joke in like every aspect! Okay so first I’ll tell you night one I prayed for Spanish area, latino comp, and bike area… hahahha Heavenly Father seriously knows me too well and I know he loves me cuz literally I got all of that! I’m in La Joya Texas, go look it up šŸ™‚ my comp is Sister Valdez and oh my she is THE BEST. best trainor ever no joke. and yes, I have one of the only 100% bike areas in the whole mission. This is partly cuz God answers prayers if you ask, and mostly cuz my driving record before the mish wasn’t so hot. You can only have 2 tickets and I have 3 so I won’t be driving for a few transfers. But lets just say me and Hermana Valdez legs are gonna be looking real good after this transfer šŸ˜‰ But keep us in your prayers cuz being blind, biking at nights, and not many street lights is a little sketch but I know God is blessing me!

So La Joya has not had missionaries in it for a really long time. It has so much potential here and it’s a lot of pressure because they usually never send greenies to new areas like this. In the mission, sisters are usually always in English areas, so I’m really blessed to start off Spanish and I just hope I can stay here for a while and really learn the language. Sister Valdez is the best. she has taught me so much about Spanish and I’m really learning a lot from her. The first day when we were packing up the car for transfers she


slammed the trunk closed on my hand and smashed my pinky in it. hahah that’s one way to break the companionship in! Also she hates bananas and pb…. lol for anyone who doesn’t know those are literally my 2 fav foods hahaha.

THe flight there was way good. Dad you motivated me to contact someone on the airplane and I did and felt way cool but then after one day in the mish I realized that was nothing lolol. But still, good experience šŸ™‚ Also I ordered food in the dallas airport and the guy didn’t even ask me for my name, just put “jesucristo” on the receipt and it made me realize real quick that I am a representive of jesus Christ now!

I have learned soooo much this week but mostly how to listen to the spirit. we have been knocking a ton of doors and there have been a few specific times where the spirit has told us to go somewhere and we do and we see miracles! I wish I could explain more but I have like NO time. I know that if we are intune with the spirit, and follow it, that is when we get blessed and all the investagators we teach as well. I have learned real quick the mission is not about me, and the second I realized that it’s been so much easier to put EVERYTHING into the work. I love you all and sorry this email is kinda short/bad… no time but I love you!

Hermana Horgesheimer


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