Goodbye MTC!!! Hello Texas!!!

They told us to write our families 1 more time before we head out. First I just want
to thank you so much for supporting me so much at the Mtc. I’ve felt
that more than ever here and it really does just make the biggest
difference to know that no matter where i’m at and what im doing, I
always have a family at home who loves me and is looking out for me.
Please keep continuing to keep me updated 🙂 it doesnt make me miss
home at all dont worry! I just love hearing about all the little
details of what happens.

Anyways I really have loved being here. Despite all the stupid little
complaints i’ve had haha. Everyday I just want to be a better person
than the last and I know its because I have the spirit with me all the
time, and when you live with the spirit with you all the time I’ve
learned that amazing things can happen. God can literally mold you
into the person he wants you to be. And i’ve realized that’s all I
want, is who God wants me to be. I know i’m no where close but i just
hope and pray I’ll get there eventually.

Sometimes I feel kinda upset being the only Hermana going to mcallen
that didnt get to go to the mexico mtc and be fully immersed in
spanish. I know I am going to be a lot further behind in spanish than
all of them and I’m gonna have to work a lot harder. But I know I’m
not behind spiritually and thats what i just gotta keep telling myself
is more important! I’ve been blessed in my life to have tons of
experiences to strengthen my testimony. However, It’s been a really
humbling experience realizing that it doesn’t matter how strong my
testimony is because it doesnt really matter what I say. All I can say
really is easy lines about simple truths but thats okay because all
that matters is the spirit people will feel from me from just living
the gospel and being obedient 🙂

I cant wait to leave the mtc and finally get to stand out at a
representative of Jesus Christ. I am 100% ready to take on that
responsibility and I know there are gonna be some hard times but
there’s just something about standing for what you believe in all
times and places and I’m ready to be Heavenly Father’s tool in doing
that! My spanish is not great, but i have the spirit with me so thats
all that matters at first 🙂

I cant wait to keep you updated for this experience in my life! I love
my family so much and I love telling people about you because you
really are all the greatest blessing in my life. I take so much pride
in my family haha i dont know if thats good but i dont care because im
just so glad we’ll be together for eternity! Im going on a mission so
i can help other families feel this same happiness 🙂
Alright well i’ll talk to you monday sometime between 6-8!!! Its gonna
be so fun! Love you fam!!

imagejpeg_0Picture of Jayci’s MTC Zone

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