I Couldn’t Feel More Privileged To Be Called Of God At This Time

K first off I just gotta give Kelli a birthday S/O love you, Happy
Birthday Kel!!!! I can’t believe I’m almost done at the ccm and I’m
going be honest im way pumped to get out of prison! Jk it doesnt feel
like prison, but lets just say I learned a lot from prison break that
could come in handy… Ha just kidding. But I leave this monday early
so I have a little less than a week left. I don’t feel ready at all
with the language but no one does and I know I’ll be able to pick it
up a lot more in McAllen.

So you know you’ve been here too long when you have the same devo! Ha
yep. Nashville tribute band’s comin again this week for our last one.
Haha so that’ll be good. And word on the street is holland might be
coming tonight, everyone cross your fingers!!! But last tuesday was
the best! Guess who came…. Elder Neil Anderson woo! I love it cuz
it’s literally general conference every week here. He talked about
Christ and the 2nd coming and said something that really changed my
perspective on why I’m here. Not directly quoted but he talked about
how by going on missions, we are literally preparing the world for the
2nd coming. I have always just kinda thought that the reason im going
is to bless people and bring the same happiness to them that i’ve felt
my whole life and thats a great reason, but there’s a lot bigger
reason for it. By going on a mission we’re literally preparing this
earth for the day when Christ comes again. That is why it is the most
important work that can be done on this earth. I couldn’t feel more
privileged to be called of God at this time for that reason. So cool

He also said missionary work is not complex, but not easy. It’s so
true and that’s one of the things i’ve learned here a lot that this
gospel and christ’s doctrine is simple. It’s cool cuz I can only say
like one line sentences in spanish, but thats all you need as a
missionary. It’s honestly a blessing im speaking spanish so I have no
choice but to explain things the way Christ did, SIMPLE. My job as a
missionary is to find and teach the elect, which is anyone who will
listen to me. I cant wait to start finding them in less than a week 🙂

One thing that happened this week that was cool was when I was talking with my teacher during coaching. There’s literally like a million different things I can do to study or work on grammar or language things and I just asked like what should I really focus on
this week to help me the most with the language. The second I asked
that book of mormon just popped into my head, i didnt really realize
that til after a few second of my teacher thinking and then he said ”
I think just read the book of mormon in spanish” and then I realized
that was totally a prompting from the spirt. So yes that’s been my
main focus and it’s going great 🙂

Well once again im sorry for making you all bored from my ccm emails
but hopefully life starts to get a little more interesting in a couple
days. I cant wait to tell you about it!!! Love you all 🙂

Hermana Horgesheimer


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