Another Week Down At The CCM

Another week down at the ccm! Sorry everyone who reads these how
boring my emails are, trying my best but not much out of the usual
happens here! Still loving it tho, especially learning spanish. Its
super hard but way exciting to learn how to say new things. Definitely
need to work on the accent, im the most gringo one here but estar bien
haha. So there are 13 people in my district and 10/13 have gotten sick
with this super bad cold and I’m still one of the lucky 3 that hasn’t.
Both my comps have had it bad this week and the other 2 hermanas in my
room the week before. Because of that its kinda been hard to go 100%
but they’re getting through it. Hopefully I dont get sick but i know i
wont cuz its all in your head, right dad?? Ha

Teaching has been going good this week. Its kinda funny cuz I
literally see my “investigator” everywhere. A couple days ago she was
vacuuming my residency hall so thats cool haha. But hey she committed
to baptism! Lots of things at the mtc arent real like the food but hey
2 weeks and i’ll be living on tex mex wooo!!! My other invesegator i
guess is legit real. My teacher knows her from school and the first
lesson with her went super well! Our district had an “english fast” on
that day and that helped a ton cuz by the time we got into the lesson,
spanish came pretty natural.

Sunday was probably my favorite day this week. It was fast sunday and
i never knew this before the mish but fasting really can help so much.
Heavenly father definitely blessed me. The meal after fast sunday
however, definitely wasnt blessed hahahaha. Mom lets just say i miss
your cooking. But with 2000+ missionaries, all starving and trying to
get food at the same time, never a good thing. We waited for at least
an hour to get food so im glad i never have to experience another fast
sunday here! Testimony meeting this week was way cool. I dont know
what made me do it but I got up and bore my testimony in spanish. I
dont even remember what I said but i think it went alright! Part of
the reason i got up was cuz every sunday they randomly pick on a
sister and a elder to give a talk on the spot. Like they dont announce
who until after the sacrament. so hopefully i’ll be safe now but you
never know! The devo was awesome this week too. There were like rumors
going around that elder holland was coming so we went way early and
when we got there turns out his son was speaking and it was soo good!
He talked all about joseph smith and I have never felt the spirit so
strong ever telling me joseph smith really was a prophet of God.
There’s no other way to look at it.

We got to host this week and that was super fun. It brought back a ton
of memories haha but we get to host again next week so if you know any
missionaries coming in let me know!!! Love you all, have a good week
and haz lo justo šŸ™‚

Hermana Horgesheimer

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