Show A Little Faith

Hola todas las persons!!! The ccm is going great and im loving it a
ton! It’s weird I feel like ive been here my whole life and that i’m
never gonna leave but im glad thats not the case lol. Even though im
not ready at all with spanish there are days where i dont even care
and just wanna get to texas but then I think about it and I’d be so
screwed to go right now haha. Im grateful that i’ve grown up in the
gospel and know the doctrines and stuff so all i really have to focus
on is learning spanish so s/o to the fam for teaching me all that my
whole life 🙂

So this week we were doing service and I was talking to one of the
cleaning coodinators and turns out she is the daughter of the old
mission pres who just got released in mcallen texas!!! She was giving
me all the details. Its kinda annoying cuz literally all anyone can
say about mcallen is the weather and how hot it is but i guess to
figure out anything else about the place i’ll just have to go! She
said there’s tons of bugs there so just pray that the mish doesnt turn
into one that wears pants!

Teaching has been going great this week! We teach our teachers and
then we started teaching actual people. On monday we taught a lady
named patricia who’s originally from Uruguay and I had a super cool
experience with that. Kelli i took your advice of writing bullet
points on a sticky note and letting the spirit do the rest and wow it
was honestly amazing how well that worked. Usually i take spanish
cheat sheet books or write out my testimony but i decided it was time
to try to just let el spiritu santo lead me lol. Her accent was super
strong and me alone literally didnt understand 1 thing she was saying.
The cool thing was i still somehow knew what she was talking about and
how to respond and it ended up being such a great lesson. When we got
out my comps both said that everything i was saying was like perfect
and its weird cuz i honestly cant remember 1 thing i said to her ha!
GIFT OF TONGUES AM I RIGHT?! We literally have the don de lenguas talk
everyday in the ccm and i guess it payed off cuz now i’ll never go
back to the way i used to teach lessons!

Another cool thing was during comp study yesterday it was my turn to
pray and during the middle i thought to myself why am i not speaking
spanish right now?… But then after i was like sorry for speaking
english for part of that and they were like what are you talking about
that was definitely all spanish! It was just way cool to pray without
thinking and how natural it’s already becoming.

Some of you might know that before leaving i was super worried about
learning the language but im just grateful everyday that I have the
opportunity to speak spanish here and on my mission. I wouldn’t want
it any other way. My testimony has been strengthened so much about how
God can make your weaknesses become your strengths. And how much he
can make out of you and the miracles that can happen if you just show
a little faith in him. Go check ether 12:12 its been my motto this
past week 🙂

Love you all and thanks for the continual support! Ps i get to be a
host next week so let me know if you know any missionaries coming in
so I can be their host!

Love Hermana Horgesheimer

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