Heavenly Father Is Blessing Me

What’s up everyone!!! First I’d just like to give a S/O to all my
family and cousins for all the letters you send me haha my district
leader just chucks them at me everyday cuz apparently im on a 2 week
streak of getting one everyday lol. I seriously have the best cousins

This week was good! Not gonna lie I feel kinda bad for anyone who
reads these emails for the first 6 weeks cuz they’re gonna be really
boring haha. We go to class, exercise, eat and sleep and thats
literally it! Spanish is coming tho! So the first day we had an
investigator named antonio and we got to teach him like 5 times. Kinda
funny cuz on lesson 2 I saw his g’s, his screensaver on his laptop of
him and his wife at the temple, and another elder in our district saw
him texting someone in english so lets just say we all knew he wasn’t
a real investigator and that he spoke english haha but it was still
such a good experience! My spanish is always 10 times better during
lessons and i know its cuz i have the spirit with me. The 4th lesson
he finally committed to baptism and then right as we were about to go
teach the next lesson he walked into the classroom and turns out he’s
our teacher! He’s honestly the best. He’s originally from africa and
after he got baptized he moved to america and lets just say he really
knows how to work with missionaries! If he hears us say anything in
english we get in trouble and he made this elder cry the other day cuz
of that haha. He like gives us motivational pep talks all the time
like a coach not a teacher and honestly sometimes i feel like im in
military camp haha but i love it cuz i feel like i learn better with
that kind of learning style!

This sunday we had a way cool devotional for 24th of july and the
nashville tribute band came. I didnt know who they were before either
but mom and amy go look them up cuz its your kind of music haha! My
comps love singing so we go to the choir every week and this week we
got to sing with them and that was actually pretty cool

So I know spanish is coming cuz apparently i slept talked all night in
spanish hahaha. I wish i had my recorder app soo bad to hear what i
say! I love the mtc a ton. The days are starting to go by so much
faster now that im in the swing of things and i love being busy every
second of the day. Everyday i realize more and more why im on a
mission and my testimony has already been strengthend so much. Its
super cool because even though im studying like 100 times more and
harder here than i was in college my eyes have not bugged me even
once. In college every day that would be the biggest struggle so i
know heavenly father is blessing me a ton with that 🙂 Whit and
Kambree i hope you both have the best weekends ever! Everyone better
send me pics of the weddings. Love you all have a good week 🙂

Hermana Horgesheimer

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