I Love The MTC

Hola!!! How is everyone?! The Mtc is going great so far! I’ll start by
telling you a little about my comps. So hermana swapp is from
springville and last minute got changed from the mexico mtc to the
provo because she couldnt find her passport the day of the flight so
she was a little upset about that at first but she’s happy now and im
soooo grateful to have her here! She played soccer and likes to run so
thats been fun for exercise. My other comp hermana robertson is also
way fun. She went to utah state and is originally from south jordan
and she’s like amazing at instruments/singing! So thats why i have 2
comps and im super grateful for both of them! Even though it doesnt
really feel like missionary companions and more like a group project
24/7 its fine hahah I like it!

Spanish is honestly going way good. I thought for sure most the people
in my district would all know spanish before they came but only one
elder knows a little so its good that we all started at the same
level. That was like 1 thing i was scared about before coming but
thats not a worry at all anymore tbh. Heavenly father has blessed me a
ton with being able to pick it up fast! Im at the point where i can
understand about 75% of what the teachers say when they talk and the
gift of tounges is honestly way sick! My comps both have never had
spanish and during lessons with investigators and stuff its way scary
cuz they rely on me a ton to be able to say stuff but the spirit
definitely is helping me out 🙂

My district is the best!! Its like huge. We have 5 hermanas and 8
elders and our room is so claustrophobic and hot and sweaty all the
time but i already love everyone in my district so its good. We also
are like the blessed district haha. we got put as the pilot district
for having ipads in the mtc and it is THEE BEST. It’s too bad I dont
get it on the mission cuz they honestly help for everything but for
example during lessons its way easy to just pull up random scriptures
or show videos. Also its sick cuz i can read emails anytime, just not
respond til tuesday and since i can email on the ipad i can take as
long as i want! so that’ll be way nice to have for the ccm 🙂

K best part of the week was sunday…. We had a devotional and watched
elder bednar’s talk about the character of christ which literally
changed my whole perspective on missionary work. I’ve always known and
heard that my mission was not about me but to learn how to apply it
was way good. Then the lights flipped on and elder bednar was there!!!
He did a question answer thing and i was raising my hand but didnt get
called on :/ but what was cool is he called on a sister with literally
the exact same question as me and he answered it perfectly!

I love the mtc soo much other than i cant stop saying guys, shiz,
sick, and get in trouble hahah but its fine i’ll learn. My testimony
and purpose for going on a mish has already been strengthened soo much
and i love knowing exactly why im here! I love you all and thanks for
the support 🙂

Love hermana horgesheimer

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